Our specialty chemicals are designed to:

  • Maximize filter cake removal in push pills to ensure proper cement bonding on the wellbore
  • Completely remove all oil-based mud residues to guarantee a clean well during the transition from drilling with oil-based reservoir fluids and placing the completion brine during the lower completion stage
  • Minimize formation damage due the interaction of fracking fluids and reservoir fluids in frack packs and other fracking operations
  • Improve insitu acidification by ensuring adequate delay and chemical balance of the acid
  • Remediate formation damage caused by insitu or induce emulsion or paraffin deposition while drilling, during the completion stage or initial production when the reservoir fluid composition is not well known.
  • Pipeline clean up using specialty designed pills to remove sludge and debris coated with oil, solvents and other liquids in the pipeline. Crossbow offers unique combination of solvents and surfactants to pin point the problem and improve pig cleaning efficiency.