Engineered Drilling Fluids

Crossbow Oilfield Services is committed on providing engineered and customized drilling fluid systems and solutions for every specific projects. This way we help our clients to manage risks and improve safety while maximizing productive time and reservoir productivity.


Crossbow’s cost effective emulsion (oil-based) or water-based muds provide performance to help you successfully deliver your well, regardless of environment and application.


We offer a complete line of brine-based, solids-free completion fluids designed to help you effectively complete your well and initiate production flow with minimum impairment.


Specialty Products

Our specialty products reduce torque and drag, free stuck pipe, cure lost circulation, prevent differential sticking, promote wellbore stability, and ensure the maintenance of correct mud weight while drilling under challenges conditions.


Reservoir Drilling Fluids

Trust your pay zone to our specialized reservoir drilling fluids formulated to protect your asset while drilling and maximize your hydrocarbon recovery.


Filter Cake Breakers and Removal Systems

Crossbow’s state of the art filter cake breaker and removal system are based on field proven solutions using the latest nano and micro-emulsion technologies to completely remove the filter cake components and allow maximum production or injection rates.